Yes Really! Drake Bought His Neighbor’s House After They Made A Noise Complaint

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yes-really-drake-bought-his-neighbors-house-after-they-made-a-noise-complaintYour neighbor makes a noise complaint against you, what do you do? Apologize, maybe offer some cookies, or invite them over for a bbq, or you can just buy their house. That’s what Drake did after he got a noise complaint called on him from his next door neighbor.

According to multiple reports, Hip-hop star Drake dropped $2.85 million on the beautiful estate next door to his already expansive Hidden Hills, CA, real estate compound, and converted it into a guest house. His own home, worth about $8 million was purchased back in 2012.

No more noise complaints yea? And those loud pool parties that never end can go ahead and continue. The neighbor though, if he/she owns the property just made a big come up. So is WizKid invited?


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