Song Review: Wizkid – Expensive Sh!t (Prod. By Sarz)


Obviosuly Wizkid’s new single has been in talks and aniticpation for a while
I also have been expecting this single to drop cos the hype has been crazy on social media.

The review came too soon? IKR…I just had to Straight face

Sigh..Listen and download below


‘Expensive Sh!t’ titled by Star Boy himself…Sips Coke, i kept asking myself some questions sha…..
Is this a new single or a Remix to Jaiye Jaiye?
A regular production by Sarz but i really expected something new, When you listen to the sound track it just Keeps reminding you of ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ over and over again.
This is not what i was expecting, i expected some expensive Sh!t kind of beat. A sick one..lol. Sarz kindly note
And to Wizkid sigh!…I used to be serious Wizkid fan, but this Kid has really lost it, i think Davido is a better option for me right now. The lyrics passes no message, (i’m like wetin concern me if ure rocking expensive Sh!t…Smh), I See no expensive Sh!t in this song.

Wizkid needs to go back to his drawing board and work out a better plan for his music career, if not in due time we’l be tired of anticipating ‘EXPENSIVE Sh!tS’ from him (Cos i tot to myself is this an Expensive Sh!t or and Expensive Joke?), we need better hits from him, i know well that Wizzy is talented but this is not the kind of music i need to hear from him.

He should learn from Davido, if he cantwrite good lyrics he should employ someone or buy songs (Just a suggestion thou…). I used listen songs with excellent lyrics from Wizkid but lately i dont seem to love what i hear.

I has a chat with some few Wizkid fans this morning and some said ‘Expensive Sh!t was well titled ‘Expensive Sh!t”. Lol ive heard alot of negative comments and been laughing. lol

Will expensive Sh!t take Wizkid to the next level? For me i doubt!,Lets hope the song with ‘Chris Brown’ does better than this. I know alot of Wizkid fans wull be out for me today..

Well ‘Expensive Sh!t’ by Wizkid = 4/10

Reviewed by @Bandiespells

Pls kindly drop your comments


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