SONG REVIEW: Kiss Daniel – Laye (Prod. By Dj Coublon)


Wonder kid ‘Kiss Daniels‘, and also Woju crooner wowed when he came out with his breakthrough single, which gained massive airplays on Tv screens and radio houses also Jamming up in club houses and even made it to number to one position on Both Trace and Soundcity for weeks. ‘Woju’ was a turn up jam which was being played consistently and caught almost every’ones attention.

That aside, we rocked ‘Woju’ not until Mr Daniels and his management decided to wow with a remix featuring omo Baba Olowo  Davido and the beautiful Tiwa Savage, It brought alot of questions and myself i asked ‘Was this Remix needed’?…Sigh! Well, it also made waves and caught people’s attention (Thanks to Gworldwide for putting much efforts in its promotion)…But seriously was it needed?…Toby Grey’s version was every way better.

On to business……

We all heard ‘Kiss Daniels’ was releasing a new single ‘Laye’…The aniticipation was high, as in, very HIGH!!!..Everyone wanted to hear a new thing from the wonderkid ‘Kiss Daniel’. I was also aniticpating this ‘Laye’ of a jam…Sigh

Oya Listen

Well, the Jam is here and ive read alot of comments from fans and critics, some love and some were quite disappointed…….Some comments were funny thou as most said ‘Laye’ is another version of ‘Woju’ some even called it the ‘better remix of Woju’…lol (Naija people wont kill me 😀 ), some said its Woju Remix part 2…lol

My take

Coublon tried with the wonderful combination of drumlines and acoustics, but ‘Woju’ wasall on my mind while listening to ‘Laye’, Kiss Daniel did his best with his melodious vocals but i expected something better than this ‘Laye’…Infact it seems im still hearing Woju, Same Tempo, Same pattern with ‘Woju’.

Would this ‘Laye’ be a worthy follow up single or Not? (Well I know Gworldwide entertainment would put more efforts into promoting the jam as usual, just as woju dint pick at first, but began to pick up after they put in more cash into the promo..lol)

Lets see how this new tune would pick up….Feel Free to drop your comments


5 5/10

Reviewed by: @Bandiespells


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