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Nigerian Artistes Are Not Fashionable – Mister Versace

My name is Mister Versace, I got the name from close friends as a result of my dress sense and addiction to the brand Versace. I’m signed to RubberBand Nation.

I have always been extremely passionate about music and fashion, before the age of thirteen, I taught myself how to play various musical instruments such as the keyboard, drums and bass guitar.
I have always been hardworking, self-motivated, a good team player and fast learner, paying attention to details and always keen to improve and make the best of all opportunities.

My passion for music is further rooted in the extraordinary opportunities I had at various stages in my life.
I started as the keyboardist for Redeemers international primary school Surulere.
In college at Concordia College Yola, having discovered my natural talent and passion for music and media, I was appointed the Music and Drama Director for fellowship of Christian Society (F.C.S).
I was also later voted to be the Head Social Prefect and was tasked with the responsibility of organizing various entertainment and social activities.
During my tenure as the Head Social Prefect, I successfully launched the first ever Christmas carol and award night at Concordia College.

I’m a self-taught musician who has played the keyboard for over 15years. While studying at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, I formed a music band called D’hook Record. As a band, we recorded several live music and participated in gigs organized by the university.
I latter joined a bigger band called Ruff-Neck Chickens, where we performed cover versions of top reggae records. We have performed in several gigs and participated in music competitions all around UK.

I’m also a competent music producer, I have produced and co-produced several upcoming UK act, recently worked with Megan (vocalist) Tiger Blue Band.

I’m a keen fashion enthusiast and addict who believes you are addressed the way you dress. I also believe artistes everywhere in the world should be fashion icons. Kanye West and TI are great examples. But most Nigerian Artistes Are Not Fashionable.

I enjoy playing basketball, tennis,a huge Manchester United supporter and acting.

Fela’s music inspires me so much- baba is forever a legend, i actually do not have to repeat that, but he is my father. His music gave birth ti mine and he is a very big source of inspiration. I also adore D’banj, I think we have a lot in common.

I graduated from Cambridge with an LLB degree, I am presently studying IMP & Sound engineering at point blank Music School U.k.

Generally I enjoy most genre of music, I try to tell a story!


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