Interview: D’banj Is My Style Icon – SkyeBonz

Dear  readers, I met someone I know you all should know. Ayoung chap who has been on the music scene for quite a while. He does afro-beat kind of music. Finally I got the opportunity to have a chat with him please do enjoy.


Q: Hello Skye, how are you doing?
A: I’m all good.

Q: Do introduce yourself.

A:  Like you called me, my name is Skye and many people also call me as
SkyeBonz and some Skivo, its all the same but my real name is Iyanuoluwa

Q: How did you derive that name?

A: I grew up from where there are many friends around me and lots of some
big brothers as we call them, and due to some of the amazing things I
always do then, they all started calling me SKY jokingly  by the saying
“sky is my limit” and the ‘E’ was joined later on.

Q: So how would you describe your Growing up , Education Background and
Early influences ?

A: Growing up wasn’t easy because I grew up with my mum alone and there was
not much to lean on. Education, am a student, student of Computer Science in
a Polytechnic. Background, I am from a family of 3 children which am the
last and the only boy. Early influences, nothing much as bad, just started
from the bottom and the journey is still on *smile*

Q: Ok.  But ur fans would like to know your school and where exactly.

A: Yea, am a student of Kwara State Polytehcnic Ilorin, just finish from
Computer science there.

Q: So why music? Why did you choose this profession?
A: Actually music has been part of me from my childhood, my mum and my
sister are bonafide member of the choir in church and also i was a tenor
singer in the children choir then. so music is not just a profession, it is
part of me.

Q: Who are you role-models, mentors or hero?

A: erm in the oversees, I love Big Sean, Jay-Z lots of them sha but here in
Nigeria, I like no I love D’banj call that H0mo lol, and the likes of
Olamide those are the people I look up to many times

Q: Fashion, Friends?
A: I have many friends and I love fashion

Q:  So how would you describe your fashion sense?
A: Well I see my self as to look good person and I will find out people will
like the dressings

Q: Do you have any style icon? Any favourite designer? Any favorite perfume?

A: Yeah, quit a lot like D’banj is also part my style icon! I’m just like a
younger version, I like Versace and some LV stuffs and am also a perfume
person lol

 Q: Major challenge and how you managed or still manage it?

A: Well I don’t really have challenges, because GOD gat me!.. I’m an overcomer
with his name so I always overcome dearie!

Q: What is a typical day in your life like? Describe yourself in 3 words
A: Typical day for me would be studio, PlayStation and probably business
meeting! 3 words! I’m a sweet boy, funny and very unserious lol

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Q: As an attractive guy, how do you manage your female/male fans?
Is there any upcoming project or anything new your fans should expect soon
or in the nearest future? What label are you signed onto
A: Female fans or the other parts, I treat them the same and equally, for
example from my music, I do stuffs for the Street and also well for the
ladies so I always handle them right… I love girls naturally tho… errmm new
things are coming up this year, will like to surprise you all. And
Currently I’m under the management Equator Records… I won’t say more about
Q: What inspires your songs? Who is your fan base? Who and what do you
think is a competition to you in your industry?
A: I get most from the street like I said, most from my little shayo and
the girls also. My fan base is mostly in Kwara st. trying to get it out
widely. And no competition what so ever, I like what everyone does.

Q: Define your brand? Aside your career what else do you do? Plans in next
5yrs? How often do you work with upcoming acts?
A: My brand is unique, loads of inner structure… you guys will find out
yourselves soon!
Aside music, I do some little work and also a student .. Just to make more
money. Next 5years, God knows best but I hope for the Best cause Sky is my
starting point, no limit anymore!
Swithrt I be upcoming too na,lol. I work with my friends Jumabee,Shegzy,
Persontee, Kaze, Jarmeu, Omyde and lots of them, am not yet D’banj or Wale
so I have songs with most of  my Artiste friends! We’re all upcoming! I
pray God will lift us up.
Amen o.

Q: Any Favorite quotes

A: Yes, I always say ” Two things you should always remember, there is a
God and you are not him”

Q: Has your relationship with your fans and family changed since you came
into the hotspot?

A: Nope never!! S/o to my mum, my sisters and my friends and all the girls
that love me, I love u all too! To my male fans God bless u all! Please
keep supporting!! S/o to you and everyone going tru this… God bless
#TeamSKYE and follow me on twitter @SkyeBonz


Here are few of the works Skye has done. Feel free to download and share below.



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