Interview: 5minutes With KKTBM’s B-raiz Hosted By @BandieSpells

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Here is a 5minutes interview with Braiz Hosted by CEO of @BandieSpells. Enjoy


We know you as B-Raiz, What are ur real names?

My real name is Aniekan Ekong.

Briefly tell us about your family and childhood background

Well I was born on the 3rd of June in warri, delta state. I have 6 siblings that mean the absolute world to me and I say that because I place nothing before family. My dad is originally from akwa-ibom state and my mom from Bayelsa, I spent a lot of time traveling and living in these places while I was growing up. Warri was always home for me though, not just because I went to school there and made friends there , the city is full of lessons, it taught me and helped me grow as a person physically & most especially mentally. Not all the lessons where good ones though… Lol

Where are u based now?

I’m currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Where are your family now?

My dad passed on a couple years back but my mom and siblings are all based in Nigeria.

How and when did you discover your music talent?

As far as I can remember I always had love for music, my dad was a very musical person, he always sat us down and played different musical instruments for us. The most amazing thing was that we saw him go out and got musical instruments he had less knowledge about , he studied them right in front of us and after few weeks, he played amazingly. I’m a very expressive person and I knew I could inspire people if I spoke the right words to them, I wrote and recorded my first song when I was 15.

Who and what inspired you to music?

My life has been my greatest inspiration so far, music has just been my dream and I don’t think anyone without a dream is in his/her right mind, a man without a dream is existing not living, my dad inspired me a lot but the streets also did.



How has the music experience been?

I wouldn’t say it’s all been rosy, but I have had my moments and I have met people from different cities, states and countries appreciate and acknowledge my music and that alone means allot to

How have your music gone far over there and what do u think of your fan base?

I can clearly see growth but then again growth takes time , it never happens over night .I still have a lot of hardworking to do so I’m focused and I know deep down that not everyone will be able to connect and appreciate my music. I’m thankful for the selected few that do, I will continue to give them quality music.

What is ur relationship with yung6ix and KKTBM?

Everyone that knows me well knows that before the acronym KKTBM became a household name in the industry, I have been down with 6ix. 6ix is family to me, kktbm is family to me.


What is your source of inspiration

Life is my biggest source of inspiration. Everything that happens around me, everything I go through is what my music is about.

You released a video and audio sometime back, how has the music reception been over there

It’s been great so far, not at it’s best but radio and top musical stations and blogs have been giving support to help me get the right audience and build my fan base .


Any plans to release any more materials soon?

Yes, 2015 is here already and I intend to drop my first project . I’m working on a 7 track EP and my latest song Find A Way is the first single off it. The cover art and track list will be unveiled very soon, the project contains collaborations of both Nigerian and South African acts. You must look out.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

It’s pretty hard to answer this particular question because I’m at the point in my life where I’m experiencing so many things for the first time. Being able to provide for my family gives me the best feeling though.

What are your hobbies?

I love watching brilliant movies and reading good books, I love swimming and of cause making music.

Are you in a relationship?

No, Im not. I don’t think I have any energy to focus on that rightnow, it’s just music & hustle for now.

Any final word for your fans and loved ones?

You all mean the world to me, you all have inspired me so much. The love I have for each and everyone of you supporting my music is the type of love that there will never be enough word to describe. Jah bless you and your endeavors




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