DJ Tof – Detty Mixtape (Best Of Mr Eazi)

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With Mr Eazi taking over the afrobeat scene, this is a mix to appreciate his efforts. The mix mainly showcases Mr Eazi, hence some artists have been cut out in the process of mixing, even those that featured him. Sincerely apologies if you are offended by this.

Below is the Tracklist:

  1. Mr Eazi Intro
  2. Skin Tight
  3. Body
  4. Anointing
  5. Bankulize
  6. Forever
  7. Leg Over
  8. Rotate Sketch
  9. High Love
  10. Body Body
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Designer
  13. Boss Like This
  14. Wanting
  15. Chance
  16. Sh!tor
  17. Sample You
  18. Dance For Me
  19. Ohema
  20. My Baybey
  21. Hollup
  22. Love You Tire
  23. Jawon Laya
  24. Marry
  25. If No Bi God
  26. Teef Teef
  27. Jejely
  28. Piipi Dance
  29. No Touch Am
  30. Thank You



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