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Ali Baba Gives Tips To Having Successful Showbiz

Showbiz is a visibility game. Sometimes those in the background are those who support, create, manage and make the person who is in the limelight. It’s this same visibility that helps to sustain the practitioners beyond the fees they…


Why Celebrity Marriages Don’t Work

It’s common knowledge that celebrity marriages do not last. Why? This opinion piece sheds some light on this phenomenon. I have spent some time in this industry, 9 years to be precise and I have come to accept the…


5 Effective Ways To Avoid Self Doubt

Nigeria’s economy is going through a rough economic patch and everyone’s trying to keep their heads above water. In this time, people need to have faith in themselves and in better days ahead. Nigeria’s economy is going through a…


5 Irritating Lies Nigerian Men Tell

Has a Nigerian guy ever lied to you so blatantly that you just wanted to take off your bra, so your mammary glands would, at least, jiggle for effect when you clap at him and shout “Laya ! Laaayaaa!…


Reflection Eternal Is Back for a Reunion Tour

Reflection Eternal Is Back for a Reunion Tour Having first collaborated on singles in the late 1990s, respected rapper Talib Kweli and talented producer DJ Hi-Tek have reunited as Reflection Eternal to perform their groundbreaking hits across several cities…


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