10 minutes With Harrysong by Edward Fortune


MR Songz formerly known to you all has Harrysong whose real names are Harrison Tare Okiri, is a multi instrumentalist, singer, song writer, producer and voice trainer. He has worked with array of Nigerian entertainment acts including star actress, Omotola Ekeinde Jalade, Paul Play, Olu Maintain, Darey Art Alade. His presence was firstly felt in the Nigeria music industry when he dropped the song *Am in Love* that featured former label mate Ego undder the question mark signature. He’s written songs for notable Nigerian artist and his kyRical prowess cannot be ignored. Though he’s also had his own fair share of the pains behind fame sometime ago when it was romoured that he beat up his label mate EGO for failing to perform with him at a particular event, linking such act to the fact that the had a thing going on between them and probably broke up. Today, the story has changed for Mr Songz. He’s moved on and left those stories behind. He’s pitched his tent with another label… 5IVE STAR music. A label that houses sensational KCEE and super producer DEL B. Songz is leaving no stone unturned as he’s determined to make sure he’s foot prints are left in the sand… With great songs like Taiye and Kehinde, Suya, better pikin and even teaming up with Olamide for the remix of Am in love, no doubt Mr Songz is definitely gonna be counted amongst the 5ive stars….

In this 10 minutes chat with Mr Songz, he talks abouT the reason behind the change in name, and what really happens in side the 5ive star house…

10 minutes with Mr Songs (@iammrsongz) by Edward Fortune

E.F: Why the change of name from harry song to Mr songs?

Mr Songz: We didnt realy change the name…my real name is Harrison..my business name is Harrysong…we just made it shorter and simppler and the rebranding..so it goes with my new platform mr songz..5star.

E.F: Of recent its been official that You are now with 5ive star music.. Did your contract actually end with Qustion mark?

Mr Songs: Yes. It ended and it was time to move on.

E.F: You are known for the slow rhythm kinda song.. All of a sudden there’s a switch to d commercialkind of song… Any special reason?

Mr Songz: No special reason o….am also a writer…so vasatility is very key in this music business o…we just succeeded in creating a balance for the mr songz brand with the beta pikin and suya song.

E.F: You write songs for notable artist, do you get paid for it or you jst write and give out?

Mr Songz: Am a business musician..so..I dont write songs for free…

E.F: Define the kind of music you do.

Mr Songz: My kind of music is infeussion cus of the styles put together..

E.F: What’s kept you beliving in this kind of style?

Mr Songz: Cus ve got music in me…and music is music..do it well…it will work.

E.F: Writing music for Kcee, is it also part of your contract with 5ive Star music?

Mr Songz: We work as a team …as one family in 5star music ..no body writing for any body..

E.F: If you were to go back 24hrs behind time. What would you do differently?

Mr Songz: Hmmmmmm…nothing realy..I have no regret thinking back..am good like this..

E.F: When is *MR SONGZ* gonna drop an album?

Mr Songz: Hmmmmm..correct..we’re working towards dropping an album next year.

E.F: Harrysong of yesterday and Mr Songs of today…. What has changed?

Mr Songsz: A whole lot has changed about me..am bigger..better..fresher….I fear God more and I stay more humble.cus I know where am coming from.

E.F: Possible collaborations? and aside Del b, is dere gonna be production frm oda peeps?

Mr Songz: Yes of cus..we’re also wirking with a new and very talented young producer called chimbaling.

E.F: Which nigerian act would Ʊ wanna battle vocally?

Mr Songz: Battle ke? No body o…dont wanna do any vocal battle with any one o..I just apreciate every good singer that delievers o.

E.F: Define a good song.

Mr Songz: A sweet progression..good lyrics..nice percurssions with a good bounce will make a good song.


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